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Cleaning oil and oil products storage tanks with Mobile Cleaning Complex МКО-1000

•    Installation to working position of the complete complex setting by operational team takes no more than 3-4 hours, and does not require additional special equipment or extra staff.
•    Time for performance of pumping and filtration of non-withdrawable residue works and cleaning (treatment) of the oil storage tank (or dark oil products storage tanks) – volume up to 5 000 m3 doesn’t exceed 2-3 working days.
•    Technical capacities of the complex allows to separate water from oil products, mechanical impurities and sludge. Following cleaning and filtration systems, oil products from non-withdrawable residue is subsequently transferred to the contractor practically without any losses of the quality and possibility of further intended reuse.
•    Cleaning quality allows for change of the oil product, and after forced degassing - fire works.
•    Closed cycle technological process allows to avoid additional expenditures on utilization of oil bilge water oil sludge.
•    Technical characteristics of multifunctional pump equipment solves swapping issues between neighbouring tanks or into tank-vehicles, operating cleaning services without standstill.
•    The distance between the Complex and the facility up to 100 m allows for servicing of tank farms.
•    Aqueous detergent solution applied as a washing detergent is chemically neutral to the hydrocarbon products and to the tank construction materials. Use of such aqueous solution creates environmental, fire and explosion safe working conditions.
•    Considerable reduction of work performance time and minimized manual labor during washing favourably characterizes the technology in terms of safe working conditions.

Stages of technological process of tank washing using 
MKO-1000 Mobile Cleaning Complex
•     Execution of work permits, holding of briefings;
•     Preparation of MKO to work;
•     Establishment of the amount of non-withdrawable residue;
•     Elimination of process residue of oil product;
•     Determination of the amount of paraffin and mechanical deposits; 
•     Washing and cleaning of the tank inner surfaces:
 (TMS solution is fed to the tank-washing machine, set in the tank that undergoes the cleaning or on the Bottom sediment washing device URDO-1 fixed on the manhole, while formed emulsion is being pumped with hydraulic slurry pump or diaphragm pump through hydrocyclone into the TMS container, in labyrinth of which due to the physico-chemical properties of TMS happens the separation of emulsion into the hydrocarbon material and TD aqueous solution. Hydrocarbon material after being separated, goes through the filter system and into the container for clean oil product which is returned to the contractor. Technological process of cleaning goes on till the complete treatment of tank surfaces from oil contaminations in a closed cycle cleaning and with a multiple use of TMS); 
•     Preliminary degassing to the MPC normal values;
•     Final cleaning of tank inner surfaces; 
•     Final degassing (drying) of the tank inner space, visual inspection and check. 
•     One of the key measures during tank washing process relates to the heat carrier complex operation, a mobile steam generator set PPU.

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