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Construction of Stationary and Mobile washing stations as a stage of complex tank vessels preparation for filling and repair

Tank and tank-vessels cleaning technology with MKO-1000 complex had been implemented by the company in 2001, undergone numerous practical tests and modifications; brand became well-known around the world due to the companies development. Technical detergent of “Vega-PW” series is one of the best detergents for cleaning tank and storage tanks inner surfaces. Stationary washing station is constructed for big river and sea tank-vessels washing at the ports. It is provided with a venue on the pier, where from 5 to 10 MKO-1000 stationary complexes are installed. This allows to carry out 24-hour washing process of several oil tank-vessels at the same time.
 Washing station. Has several reserved containers for discharge of oil products, condensate of liquid gas, ballast and bilge water, oil sludge and mechanical impurities. It is preferable to construct a washing station as for the preparation of oil filling tank-vessels, and for washing of gas holder tanks – liquid gas transporters. Washing station operates in a closed cycle, heating of the washing solution includes new thermal generators (diathermic oil), therefore thermal expenditures are minimized. To remove hard sediments washed out hydrocarbons are used, heated up to 120 degree C and higher.
 This technology is environmentally safe, as the tank-vessels washing is carried out in a closed cycle, which allows to avoid harmful emissions into environment. A mobile module for extracted wastes and oil sludge utilization is installed at the washing station, therefore harmful emissions from storage wastes into the atmosphere are impossible.

Washing station equipment for tank-vessels manufacture (two options):

  1. Stationary. Washing station equipment (WS) for oil filling tank-vessels and gas holders deploys on the wharf wall of the port or shipyard plant. Platform dimensions for the WS equipment depend on production objectives and number of tank-vessels required for washing (considering their displacement).
  2. Mobile. Analogous equipment to the stationary WS can be installed on the watercraft and undertake washing of tank-vessels riding at anchor, moored to the watercraft. Closed cycle of filling tank-vessels washing technological process taken into consideration – port area water pollution is impossible.

Advantages of the washing stations in comparison with traditional cleaning methods:

  1. Considerable reduction of work performance time during 24 hours day simultaneous washing.
  2. Technical opportunities for separation of water, mechanical impurities, gas extraction, and separation of crude oil from sludge or liquefied gas.
  3. High cleaning quality allows for change of the oil product, and after forced degassing - fire works.
  4. Closed cycle technological process allows to avoid additional expenditures on water and thermal energy, as well as exclusion of steam-cleaning method.
  5. Technical characteristics of multifunctional pump equipment MKO-1000 allows oil products swamp.
  6. Aqueous detergent solution “Vega-PW” applied as a washing detergent is chemically neutral to the hydrocarbon products and to the tank construction materials. Use of such aqueous solution creates environmental, fire and explosion safe working conditions.
  7. Minimized manual labor and time operators spend inside the tanks during washing.

Stationary and Mobile washing station for tank-vessels 

Stationary washing station at the port:

  1. Industrial building (prefabricated facilities), where technological equipment is set (in the areas with low temperatures).
  2. Mobile complexes МКО-1000 in quantity, depending on required capacity tank vessels washing station.
  3. Container for aqueous solution preparation.
  4. Clean oil products container.
  5. Collectors for oil sludge.
  6. Mobile oil sludge refinery.
  7. Collectors for ballast and bilge water.
  8. Installation for cleaning of ballast and bilge water.
  9. Container for clean technical water.
  10. Thermal generator with diathermic oil.*
  11. Diesel generator.*

Washing station on watercraft:

  1. Mobile complexes МКО-1000 in quantity, depending on required capacity tank vessels washing station.
  2. Collectors for discharge oil residue.
  3. Technical water container.
  4. Additional equipment (Universal lids, pressure-suction sleeves,  washing machines, etc.).
  5. Thermal generation installations (diesel, mazut, discharge oil residue) with diathermic oil*.
  6. Diesel generator*.

* Thermal generation installations and diesel generators installed in the absence of thermal or electric power supply.

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