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Production of technical detergents "Vega-PW”


✔ Emulsifying and de-emulsifying properties ensure the work closed cycle;
✔ High washing capability;
✔ Multiple use;
✔ Environmental safety;
✔ All permissive documents are available.

Multiple modifications for different types of contaminations



Technical cleaning agent "VEGA-PW”

TCA VEGA-PW-01 has several modification, that were specially designed for various types of pollution and surfaces, as it is obvious that cleaning of light oil products is different from Oil cleaning, and metal surface degreasing is different in essence from soil and ground cleaning from oil products. The goal of settling pond and slurry tank cleaning from old oil-slime is particularly difficult, as main slime ingredients are asphalt-sludgy-paraffin deposits that have high viscosity and value and melting point, thus, cleaning agent penetration into pollutant mass is difficult.

Using physical, chemical and technological research methods, we developed optimum TCA compositions and pollution cleaning methods providing environmental safety of processes. TCA is used in the form of water solution with working concentration 2-4 mass percent, does not contain alkali or phosphates, relates to 4th class of danger according to GOST ГОСТ 12.1.007-76. 

Principal feature of TCA VEGA-CM-01 is composition balance, which provides good wetting and maximum emulsifying abilities of cleaning solutions. TCA VEGA-CM-01 compositions contain polyelectrolytes, that prevent resorption process, corrosion inhibitors and other additional substances. Technological washing process, which runs in continuous mode, provides three-phase generation: upper oil product layer, water layer and bottom layer – washed soil and mechanical impurities.

Method of TCA “VEGA-CM-01” neutralization before discharge

Optimal flocculant for TCA solutions is calcium chloride СаСL2. Neutralization results for 40 g of СаСL2 per 1 kg of solution are given in table.


Pollutant concentration

Solution before neutralization

Solution after neutralization


Suspended matters

2000 mg/l

432 mg/l

1568 mg/l



21600 mg/l

1420 mg/l



900 mg/l


Oil products

177 mg/l

5,0 mg/l

172 mg/l


1120 mg/l

38 mg/l

1082 mg/l





Thus, after neutralization solution can be discharged in sewerage system if it is approximately 2 times diluted with water. Main sediment content, besides soil particles (sand), is nontoxic calcium carbonate (chalk), which forms from soda and СаСL2 by reaction: Na2CO3 + СаСL2 = 2 NаСL + СаСО3.

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