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Production of Water cleaning complexes

Oil products are one of the most common pollutant of surface waters, and in some regions in particular of ground water sources for drinking water supply. Oil and oil products in the environment arise from technological accidents, discharge of untreated and not sufficiently treated oil-containing produced water at oil fields, as well as from drain outlets at the territories heavily contaminated by various oil products. Thus, the challenge of dealing effectively with oil-containing waters, among with other activities to prevent water source pollution by oil products, is one of the most urgent in the current context of objectives to which specialists of the “Pure World» Group of companies busily work for many years.                                    

Specialists of ”Pure World» Group of Companies have gained extensive experience to address with optimal solutions the majority of technological and technical problems, emerging during purification of oil-contaminated water that also contains mechanical impurities.

Most of the problems concerning oil-contaminated water purification, in general, are solved at technologically advanced level. Such level implies efficiency, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of technological solutions, together with long-life service, not less than 15-20 years of fail-free operation of the applied water cleaning equipment. Given that not all of the developments on the market meet this requirements, when selecting treatment facility, preference should be given to proven technological complexes for oil-polluted water cleaning. Such water cleaning complexes allow to employ several blocks in one compact unit to maintain qualitative indicators of treated water. This applies above all to water cleaning complexes of low capacity (up to 100 m3/h). Development of multifunctional equipment for effective oil-contaminated water treatment and establishment of serial production are one of the main activity of “Pure World” Group of Companies.


Formation water treatment block 

Includes the following equipment, housed in a 20-foot container unit 1

water_clean.jpgThe coarse filter is made with a patented certified technology and is made of high-quality corrosion resistant (304 AISI series) steel and brass alloys, which increases the service life. The principle of the coarse water purification filter is the preliminary selective filtration of large and medium-fractional mechanical impurities in water or any other liquid. It is intended for preliminary filtration of water from unprotected surface water bodies. The fineness of filtration of the membrane of the filter is 50-100 microns (1/200 particle of a millimeter).

The main advantages of coarse filters:

  1. Automatic drainage allows the filter system to be operated without maintenance in manual mode;
  2. The filter elements depend little on the degree of contamination of the source water and have an almost unlimited resource - 20 years.

Formation water treatment module

Fine filters are filled with aluminosilicate polyfunctional adsorbent of increased strength. It is designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from the water: iron, strontium, aluminum, petroleum products, nitrates, chlorine compounds, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and others. 
Filtration columns for high-quality water purification are filled with sorption granules. As the operation is carried out, the sorption granules are periodically regenerated by common low-cost solutions. The maximum service life of one backfill can reach 15 years and depends on the concentration of harmful impurities in the treated water. 
If the source water is contaminated with oil products at a level of 2.5-4%, the residual contamination of the obtained water will be approximately 0.0001 mg / l. 
The automatic flushing control unit for the main filters will ensure the timely cleaning of the filter element and free from the need to monitor the condition of the drainage bend.    
The filtration unit No. 1 consists of two identical lines, one of which is working, and the second one, in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the unit during maintenance, makes it possible to prepare industrial water without mechanical impurities and with an oil content of not more than 0.0001 mg / l. in the volume up to 100 cubic meters per hour and use it when pumping into the formation to raise the pressure, and also to feed to the filtration unit No. 2 for the preparation of drinking water.


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