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Additional equipment, manufactured by ”Pure World” companies group

  • It is designed to provide heat equipment for the oil slime complex KPN-1 Installation is a non-separable structure, assembled on a frame in the form of a 20-foot container, with all internal pipelines and is ready to be connected to consumers, which allows its connection to Mobile Cleaning Complex MKO-1000.

    Principle of operation:

    The use of diathermic oil as a coolant for the supply of thermal energy in various processes in the industry are preferable to steam heating, since it allows get high (up to 300 ºС), coolant temperature at low pressures, which reduces the cost of the main consumer equipment and increases the safety of its operation. At low pressure, low viscosity and high thermal stability diathermic oil provides quick and easy control of the temperature of the process process, which is a prerequisite in many cases to ensure uniform heating of the product.

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  • To heat the TMS solution to the operating temperature and to provide the thermal energy of the complex, a mobile steam generator set PPU 2000/100 is used, the heat carrier of the steam



    Heated substance


    Number of operating modes


    Steam productivity, kg/h

    2 000

    Steam temperature, ºС, not more than


    Working pressure, MPa


    Heating capacity calculated, kJ/h (kcal/h)

    3 929 200 (940 000) 

    Rigidity of feed water, MKG - equiv/kg, not more than


    Volume of water tank, m3


    Volume of a fuel tank, liters


    Fuel consumption by steam boiler, l/h


    Safety valve

    Sppkr 25-100 

    Used fuel


    Fuel pressure, MPa, not more than


    Time required to produce steam from the moment the boiler starts, min, not more than


    Drive of all special equipment mechanisms

    car engine

    Installation Management

    From the driver's cab

    The noise level in the driver's cab during the operation of the unit, dB, no more than



  • Pontoon with installed equipment for evacuation of water-oil emulsion from oil sludge ponds, with screen filter, heating registers, hydraulic pump and bottom sediment erosion device (URDO-1)


  • Technical characteristics:

    Length: 211 mm
    Width: 140 mm
    Height: 293,5 mm
    Weight: 11,6 kg
    Working pressure: 6,3 - 12 kg/sm2
    Speed of rotation: 2 - 4 rpm
    Washing fluid consumption: 10 - 38 m3/h
    Fluid temperature: 10 - 95 oС
    Efficient length of the stream: 12 - 17 m
    Cycle period: 10 - 20 min

  • Bottom sediment erosion device URDO-1 The device for a clean stripping of the tank UGIS-1
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